HI, I'm Jagoda

And I specialise in designing inclusive products, driven by a passion for collaborative design processes and a human-centric approach

Currently at Cint.



Healios addresses long NHS waits and limited accessibility in autism assessments by conducting evaluations from home without compromising quality. As part of the project, I contributed to designing an efficient evidence collection experience and streamlined diagnostic workflow, saving clinicians an average of 20 minutes per assessment.

Design system for SCALABILITY

As organizations grow, common challenges arise, such as inconsistencies in design, fragmented user experiences, and brand dilution. At Healios, we faced these challenges too. In this project, I contributed to building a design system to address these issues and improve decision-making processes.


Optimizing Online Food Order Management

Orderincoming alleviates the burden of processing online food orders, freeing up waiters to prioritise guest service and chefs to focus on cooking, rather than getting caught up in operational logistics. I helped build a competitive product from scratch, that successfully acquired over 20 customers and secured pre–series A investment for future scalability.

Data visualisation for airline analysts

In the complex world of air fares, analysts tackle the challenge of analysing vast data volumes for revenue optimization. Sabre's solutions help them make better-informed decisions by efficiently collating and visualizing data. In this project, I translated data into visualisations and crafted efficient user journeys for analysts to effortlessly uncover meaningful insights.


Dialectical Behavioural THERAPY APP

To fully benefit from therapy, it is essential to apply therapy skills outside of sessions. In the context of DBT, clients may struggle with applying emotion regulation skills in their everyday lives. As part of this project for The Polish Association for Dialectical–Behavioural Therapy, my goal was to design an app that could function as a virtual therapist, providing users with customized tools based on their current emotional state.

Jagoda Gniadek

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